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Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Ha!

Today is the first day of January 2021 and, after a year of chaos on both a macro and a micro level (thanks 2020), I have decided to restart my personal blog to document my reconnection to shakti.

I had a blog way back in the olden days but it became very professional very quickly. It was all about yoga and Pilates classes and later teacher training courses.

But this time I want it to be different. I want it to be all about ME!

Shakti is all about feminine energy and after such a masculine way of being for so long I want to awaken the hidden, unseen, unexplored side of my psyche.

I’m going to use this blog to chart my more spiritual side – my exploration of the tarot, my continued study of Ayurveda, the Enneagram, Kundalini Yoga and the chakras and whatever else takes my fancy.

One of my new rituals is to pull a tarot card every day.

Imagine my delight when the card I pulled on January 1st was The Fool – the first card of the Tarot.

According to “To see the The Fool generally means a beginning of a new journey, one where you will be filled with optimism and freedom from the usual constraints in life.”

So, I’m aiming to approach 2021 filled with optimism and the thought that every day is an adventure. Let it come!